8 Best Stock Market Apps for effortless Stock Market Tracking

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You are currently viewing 8 Best Stock Market Apps for effortless Stock Market Tracking

8 Best Stock Market Apps

In today’s world, whether you are a Stock Market Beginner or an expert, Trader or an Investor or even businessmen, everybody just want to stay updated with financial news, stock market movement, specific stock movement. Stock Market Apps have made this job easy.

We will discuss some Top Free Stock Market Apps in this article which you should download in your phone if you have interest in Stock Market.

Some common features of these Best Stock Market Apps are:

  • Financial News Updates on Indian & Global Markets (related to Companies, Industries, Policies, Stocks, Economy etc.)
  • Facilitate Stock Specific Research (Brief Fundamental and Technical Screener)
  • Stock Market Learning with Reading material
  • Stock Watchlist
  • Stock Portfolio Tracking
  • Real-time Stock Price Movement and Indices Tracking (Sensex, Nifty, Bank Nifty, etc.)
  • Stock Market updates (Corporate Action, Insider Trading, Block Deals, Bulk Deals, DIIs & FIIs data, etc.)

Now, Let’s discuss these Apps one by one

#1.Moneycontrol App

Best Stock Market App India


This is No.1 App on Stock Market. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in Stock Market this single App can fulfill all your needs starting from

  • Tracking any specific stock or indices movement such as Sensex and Nifty,
  • Brief Screening with Fundamental Ratios and Technical Charts
  • Commodity & Currency
  • Global Indices
  • Future and Option data
  • Tracking portfolio
  • Creating Watchlist
  • DIIs & FIIs data
  • Financial news updates & alerts
  • Companies financial details, Corporate Action, Shareholding pattern, etc.

If you still feel something is missing then let me tell you this app also allow you Live Streaming of CNBC Awaaz, CNBC TV18 and CNBC Bajar.

So, this is the Best Stock Market App and top this list.



Stock Market App


One of the Best Stock Market App in India for learners. This app is combination of major options available in Moneycontrol app along with IIFL Market App (Stocks Screener Facility). We will discuss about IIFL Market App later in this article.

Learners can get basic reading material on Stock Market along with YouTube Videos for easy learning.

Some other featured information available in this app are Corporate actions, upcoming events, block deals, bulk deals, DIIs & FIIs Data, Share Pledging, Shareholding, Readymade updated Screeners based on Price Movement, Volume and Delivery based buying, Technical scan, Fundamental scan, Candlestick patterns, etc.

All major features are available in free version; however, few advanced paid features are locked for premium members.


#3.Kite by Zerodha 


Best Stock Market Trading App


Zerodha is No.1 Broker of India and its Kite App is well crafted for Stock Market Beginners who can easily place order and invest in Stock Market.

Zerodha facilitates investment in equity with Zero Brokerage and Rs.20 for other Intraday and F&O trading.

If you are looking to Start Investing in Stock Market, you can open your account with Zerodha and can starting using this simple App.

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#4.The Economic Times (ET App)


Best Stock Market App

ET Market App is known for financial news updates and alerts.

If you wanted to stay updated with all the business news this app is for you.

Keep its notification alert on and it will send you real-time news alert. You can also find news related to politics, policy, technology etc.

This App also has few common features of Moneycontrol app such as real-time stocks and indices tracking, portfolio making, etc.

You can also watch live ET Now telecast through this App


#5.CNBC TV18 


Stock Market App news update

CNBC TV18 App is similar to ET Market app focused on business news and it can also send you news alerts.

If you want to stay updated for every business news that can affect any Company or its Stock Price or Stock Market as whole, we highly recommend you to install both these apps (ET Market and CNBC TV18).

ET Market and CNBC TV18 are Top Apps as far as Business and Financial news are concern so we have included both these Apps in List of Best Stock Market Apps

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Best Stock Market App Global Updates


Movement in Indian Stock Market is not only derived from domestic factors but global factors also play vital role in Stock Market Fluctuations.

So, it is also important to keep a track on global markets too. CNBC app will perform this job for you.

It is a kind of “International Moneycontrol App”. It will provide you all the necessary information such as Global Indices movement (US Market, Asian Market, European Market, Gold, Crude, etc.) and Global Business News updates.

You can easily track and monitor American Company’s Stocks through this app.



Stock Market app global


Next in the List of Best Stock Market App is “WeBull App”. This App is a combination of Moneycontrol and CNBC app as you will get maximum features of both these Apps.

You can track Indian Stock Market as like Moneycontrol and Global Market specially US market as like CNBC app.

This app is also popular for Chart Analysis (specially Candle Stick Charting). In this app you can find real-time updated Candle Charts for minutes, daily, weekly, monthly quarterly Yearly basis.

You can also do paper trading through this app.

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#8.IIFL Markets 


Best Stock Market App Screener

IIFL Market App is also one of Best Stock Market Apps. This app is dedicated to Indian Stock Market, where you can track stocks, all major market indices, Commodity Market, Currency, Stock Market news, business news, etc.

This app also facilitates ready-made and updated Stock Screen based on Candlestick patterns, Fundamentals parameters, Moving Average Crossing, Price/Volume factor, Changes in Shareholding and technical aspect.

You can also make your Watchlist and track portfolio through this app.

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In today’s digital World, Mobile Apps have made our life easy. Whether you are travelling or on holiday you can stay updated and take required action just with the help of a click.

So now, we have covered all Best Stock Market Apps, every app has its special feature which we discussed in detail.

If you still want to know anything related to this article you can comment below. We will answer your queries.