Want to Retire Early – Financial Independence you should look for

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Financial Independence is not just two words but the dream for most of the people

  • Who are feeling bored in their 9 to 5 Job
  • Want to quit their job as early as possible
  • Want to retire early
  • Want to pursue their hobby full time
  • Want to work upon their passion

If you are one of them, then this article is for you

Post Covid more and more people are searching ways to attain Financial Independence in their life so they can live life at their own terms. I have attained Financial Independence at age of 32.

Before I share my experience, one thing needs to clarify as most of the time we get confuse between Early Retirement and Financial Independence.

Early Retirement means you stop working anymore and pursue your hobby which may or may not give monetary benefits. People after early retirement depends upon the corpus, they have saved till now for all their future spends.

Financial Independence (FI) does not mean you stop working. FI means you quit the rat race, start doing what you like, when you like, with whom you like. FI means liberty to live life at your own terms instead of following any Boss’s instructions.

For those who have achieved FI, most of the time their hobby become their passion and once they start earning from this, then this becomes the best profession they can ever do. This way you need not to eat up what you already have saved unlike the case of Early Retirement, even you can grow your corpus from future cash flows.

Early Retirement can make you feel bored after few years but if you are doing what you like and if getting paid for the same that can be a great way to spend rest of your life.

Now, Let’s start with some Key Points you should follow to attain Financial Independence

  1. Start Early: The early you start, shorter will be period to attain Financial Independence. You need to be very focused, disciplined as far as financial decisions are concern. Magic of Compounding will work for you once you start early. Your savings, which you have invested will start compounding as more and more time you will give them to grow.
  2. Look for Passive income: I have made a video on How you can attain Financial Independence through Passive Income. You can check it below


  1. Keep looking for a business Idea: If you find a business idea which matches your hobby too, there is nothing best than that. Look for an idea where you can work even if you are not getting paid for.
  2. Keep your Liabilities lower: Take less long-term debts like Car Loan, Home Loan, Personal Loan etc. You need to delay immediate gratification otherwise you won’t be able to save aggressively and just keep putting your savings in EMIs only.
  3. Put your money to work: Be very aggressive in initial stage of your professional career to save as much as possible and aggressively invest after proper research (keeping in mind safety of invested capital). This way you will create a corpus 5-10 years down the line and will be in better position to pursue your passion full time.


I have shared my journey of attaining Financial Independence in age of 32. You can watch this below video


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