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Best Stock Market Website for Indian Investors

Warren Buffett once said “Stock Market Investing is simple but not easy”

If you want to create wealth from stock market then you need to do your own research on stocks instead of depending on social media for stock tips to buy and sell. Borrowed conviction can hardly make you rich

Now a days information about companies are easily available as compared to 1990s. You just need to dig at a right place. Big institutions, Brokerage Houses, Big Investors have their own teams to do research for them. But, for a retail investor, he has to do all his research in his personal capacity.

In this article we will talk about different websites that can help investors to do their own research.

#1 Screener.In: facilitates financial data of companies listed on Stock Exchange for last 5 -10 years in easy-to-understand manner. You can find already calculated ratios which can help in analyzing a business. This is the most used and most popular screener in India.

When you are doing research on a company, instead of going through Financial Statements of different Year one by one, you can get all core numbers at one place for different years. So, this counts in best stock market for Indian Investors.


Screener.In is also helpful for Idea generation as you can filter stocks based on your queries

# 2 Finology Ticker:

This is also a very popular screener created by Pranjal Kamra of Finology and his team. It looks similar to other screeners but you will find some unique data points which other screeners don’t have. For example, to analyze Banking Stocks they have highlighted particular ratios which are relevant in banking industry

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# 3 TickerTape

Apart from similar function of other Screeners, TickerTape scenner is unique in Idea generation as its sectoral filter can help you to identify particular company in particular sector


# 4 Forum: is great source to validate your stock idea by reading threads. This is one of the platform which is helping DIY Investors in India to the great extent. This is an interesting website where different investors contributes their finding about particular stock in form of threads. Such threads are very insightful and can help you in your stock research

#5 Tijori Financials:

This is similar to other screeners but uniquely used trends, graphs and pie chart to make financial data more understandable

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#6 Economic Times:

In today’s time of electronic media, to remain updated on business news, economic times is best source as far as business updates are concern

#7 BSE & NSE:

India’s top two Stock Exchange have their own websites. Apart from Stock Price action, you can get relevant company related data from their websites such as corporate announcement, block deals, bulk deals, FIIs DIIs buying selling, IPOs related data, Indexes data, historical data etc

#8 Trendlyne

Trendlyne can help you in your research by providing important information complied at one place such as Insider trades, Super Investors Portfolios, Brokerage Reports, Index wise data, Industry wise data, Stock specific updates etc


So, these are the top stock market website for Indian Investors. India as a country has great potential for investors to create wealth. Use the free data available on these Stock Market Websites while researching stocks so you get confidence and stay invested in that company.

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