HDFC Life Q1FY23 Key Highlights

  • Q1 Net Profit up 21.98% and Value of New Business growth (VNB) 25%
  • 22% growth in total Annual Premium Equivalent (APE)
  • VNB Margin increased to 26.8%
  • Value of New Business (VNB) – Present Value of future earning from policies sold during the year. Reflects additional earning expected to be generated from new policies issued
  • VNB Margins – Profit Margins on policies issued during a period
  • Embedded Value (EV)– Total value of business for its shareholders. Sum of Net Asset Value (funds accumulated from past business) and present value of future earnings from policies in force. Life insurance companies valued at Price to EV
  • Annual Premium Equivalent (APE): APE is equal to total value of regular or recurring premiums plus 10% of new single premium written in the period

  • Renewal premium grown by 19% supported by improved persistency. 13th and 61st month persistency is 88% and 54% vs 86% and 51% same quarter last year. Solvency stands at 178%
  • As on 30th June HDFC Pension has market share of 38% crossed Rs.30,000 Cr AUM
  • Overall New Business Market share in Pvt sector is 19% Vs 21% QoQ
  • Product Mix

  • Embedded Value as on 30th June 2022 is Rs.29709 Cr
  • Diversified Channel Mix



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