Affle India Q1 FY23 Results Key Highlights

  • Q1 Consolidated Revenue up 127% YoY and Net Profit up 52%
  • Domestic 30.2%, International 69.8% – Most of the business under international is from emerging markets and negligible business from UK and USA (To answer queries related to Recession situation in US & UK)
  • Converted Users reached to 61.9m with Average Cost Per Converted User (CPCU) Rs.52.1 from Rs.42 YoY

  • Industry serving – “E” E-commerce, Edtech, Entertainment, “F” Fintech, FMCG, Foodtech, “G” Gaming, Government, Groceries, “H” Healthtech, Hospitality & Travel

  • What if Google change its policy in future: “Two changes talked during the call (i) Ads within Gaming App has no impact on Affle (ii) Cookies which is largely eligible to browsers or websites – No impact on Affle”. On asking on changes in Anroid front “Google has talked doing something which is diluted and much more acceptable version of what Apple did in 2021 with respect to IDFA and certain changes and google as started to talk about similar changes many years later what Apple did. That has some implications however that implication is some years away. In App implication google may not go very fast as it is evident from the track record. When Apple changed its policy in 2021, Affle acquired Jampp and with this our revised proposition for IOS in US did really well. Affle became one of the top 10 platform on Apple revised policy. Having negotiated Apple changes in 2021 and made business opportunity instead of challenges. Fundamentals is clear, Consumers are not going away from mobile devices, Advertiser’s budget are not going away from digital and mobile device. These two things are Anchor Piller to our business. Within these two things whether it is Privacy Laws or Apple changes something or google changes something – One thing that consumers are not moving away and advertiser are not shifting their budget. As long as we find the right technology solution and create right ROI metric, we will remain competitive. We are not immune to these changes but we are proactive.
  • Case Study 1 – Spotify

  • Case Study 2 – Lotus Herbals

  • Case Study 3 – Tunaiku (Indonesia)

  • Adtech Industry growth in Emerging Markets will remain strong above 25%
  • Advertiser are more focusing on Conversion and that will boost Affle Scope
  • Jampp EBITDA Margin is 10%


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