Step-By-Step Guide to Open Demat account with Zerodha in less than 15 minutes

Step-By-Step Guide to Open Demat account with Zerodha in less than 15 minutes

How to open Demat account in Zerodha ?

If you are planning to start your investing journey with India’s No.1 Broker “Zerodha” then it’s a good choice. Zerodha is No.1 Broker and above all a Discount Brokerage Firm, So, you take delivery of stocks you buy with zero brokerage cost.

In this article we will guide you step by step how you can open account with Zerodha online with collection of step-wise screen shots which enable you to match your steps.

Before you start the process ensure you have following documents ready with you in soft copy

  • Bank Account Statement or Cancelled Cheque for Bank Proof
  • Signature Image (Sign on a white paper and click image of the same)
  • Pan Card Soft Copy (Click a photo of your Pan)

To start account opening process with Zerodha visit Zerodha Account Opening Page

Above Zerodha Account Opening Page link will open a new window with Zerodha to start the process and it will look like below image.

Enter your mobile number on this page and click continue on that page

Zerodha Account Opening

Now you need to authenticate your mobile number with OTP received at your mobile number.

(*If you get a message this mobile number already registered try with fresh mobile number)

how to open account in zerodha

On next screen you need to enter your Full Name and Email Address

open account with zerodha online

In next Step verify your email address

zerodha account opening

You need to check your email id for OTP. Your Email Verification OTP will be mentioned in the email as shown in below image

email verification zerodha

On next page enter your PAN and Date of Birth. Enter PAN carefully because you would not be enable to change it later

Zerodha fill Pan Details

Congrats ! you have reached to an important step where you will be asked to make payment of Rs.500 for “Equity” and “Commodity”

Zerodha account opening fee

You can uncheck the Commodity box if you don’t have any plan to trade in Commodity and continue with “Equity” by buying Rs.300

zerodha fee for equity

Now you will get option to make payment of Rs.300 in case only equity is selected or Rs.500 in case of Equity and Commodity both is selected.

In this example we will continue with Equity only so need to pay Rs.300 only.

zerodha account opening payment option

Once you make the payment, you will be asked to connect to Digilocker. Don’t have account with Digilocker, Its very simple we will guide you for the same too.

Click on Connect with Digilocker

How to use digilocker for zerodha

A new Dialogue box will open enter your mobile number

digi locker zerodha

Set your user name and password for digilocker

set digilocker for zerodha

You can enter your email address you used for opening of account and a fresh password and click Signup

details for digilocker zerodha

Enter your Aadhaar Number and click submit

otp for digilocker zerodha

Enter OTP to verify Aadhaar for Digilocker

aadhar authentication for zerodha

In next step Allow Zerodha to access details from Digi Locker

allow zerodha for digilocker

A dialogue box like shown below will appear click on Share button

share aadhar details with zerodha

Now Zerodha will show your personal details taken from Aadhaar

aadhar details zerodha

Now fill some further details as shown in below image

Also tick all necessary check box and continue the process

personal details for zerodha account opening

Now this is very important step which is called In-Person-Verification over Webcam, where in you need to authenticate yourself with OTP shown to you on left side of the screen.

We have marked with black circle for your reference in below Image

In person authentication zerodha

You can see OTP on your Screen Left side. The Girl showing OTP in above image is just for your reference only.

You need to write your OTP on Paper and click on Start IPV. Ensure that your face and OTP is clearly visible during this In-Person-Verification over Webcam. Now click on capture to save your image with holding OTP in hand.

Now on next screen you will get two option either to sign your form digitally with Aadhaar or send hard copy.

You can download hard copy and send it by courier or click continue to digitally sign your form

off line zerodha account form download

Now on next screen you need to submit few documents such as Bank Proof (Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement), Income Proof, Signature Copy and Pan Copy.

bank proof zerodha

Income Proof (Optional) only if you want to activate F&O trading. For income proof you can submit Last 6 months bank statement, ITR Acknowledgement Copy, Salary Slip with signed and stamp, Form 16 or Demat holding Statement.

If you just want to buy and sell equity then you do not require to submit Income Proof.

Along with this you need to upload your signature and Pan Card as informed you in very beginning

how to upload Pan and signature on zerodha

Once you upload all required document click on eSign

esign zerodha form

A new Dialogue box will appear click on continue to proceed with same email id you have given in starting of this process

esign zerodha form online

An authentication email containing OTP to verify your email will be sent through Digio. Enter this OTP on next screen and continue

email verification code zerodha

Now click on next dialogue box Proceed to eSign

esign zerodha document

Now you will a dialogue box ask you to enter your Aadhar. Enter your Aadhaar Number

aadhar authentication for zerodha

You will receive an OTP on your Mobile number. Enter OTP and click submit

Your digital document is ready click on Sign Now button

You need to enter Aadhar number and OTP again as like one step earlier. Enter your Aadhaar and OTP on respective dialogue box again.

Zerodha Online account opening process is complete.

You will receive your login ID and Password through Email once Zerodha approve your application

zerodha login details

Once you receive your login details you can start your investing journey. Hope you like this simple Step-By-Step Guide to Open Demat and Trading account in Zerodha. If you have any query related to this Zerodha Account Opening Process you can comment below.

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